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The Home Check-Up!

Every year, we have things checked out.
We check our cars, our furnaces, our

central air, our air and water filters, our

kids, our neighbor's kids, our pets, our

flower beds, our neighbor's flowerbeds!

The list goes on.

We even go to a doctor every year for
a personal check-up.
Heck, how many

times do we check ourselves in a mirror?

But do you ever have your home checked out?

May I introduce the Home Check-Up!

What is a Home Check-Up? It is just like the inspection you get before you buy a home, except that you are doing it to keep on top of potential (and costly) problems.

Let's face it, things can happen while you're not looking. An annual Home Check-Up can look

at your home and potentially spot small problems before they become large and costly ones.

A Home Check-Up is a professional inspection by an experienced inspector who is trained to identify the signs of future problems.

Assured Home Inspection will thoroughly inspect your home and discuss the findings

and any potential next steps with you. Assured Home Inspection will issue you a formal report, detailing the findings and recommendations for next steps.

If you're in your forever home and are not planning to move anytime soon, you should schedule a Home Check-Up on an annual or bi-annual basis as part of your regular home maintenance.  

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